About Me


About Me

Welcome to my website! I’m Sharon, God-chaser, writer, speaker, wife, mother of one and Nana of four. I’ve done life from both sides of the pulpit and am eager to connect with other believers who long to serve God too. As a pastor’s wife and former minister of music, I understand the unique joys and stresses of ministry life. In my years as a high school teacher and a business owner I learned the challenges and opportunities that people of the marketplace face each day. 

 Why do I write and speak?

My desire is to build up God-followers, working together to live beautifully sacred lives in a rough and tumble world, just like Jesus did. To live in such a way that people are attracted to God because of us. If I can help people love and understand God’s Word and know him better, I know we can win more of our personal battles in the war between darkness and The Light.

My heart is also to encourage those who are beat up and wrung out from all the stuff that life can throw at us so they can live to fight another day and be the salt and light in their world God designed them to be.  

Many problems I experienced in the past came from my own ignorance of the Bible. I didn’t understand how things work in God’s kingdom. So, I created fields of land mines, danced in the middle of them, and then wondered why things blew up in my face!  It is my ongoing joy to help others stay out of minefields and live peacefully, courageously, and purposefully.

What makes my perspective unique?

After earning a B.A. in Education, Music and Drama, I married my college sweetheart. We spent 16 years in the full-time ministry fish tank.  I also served as a minister of music for ten of those years.

God led my husband and me out of ministry and into the business world in a very Abraham-like way.  We remained there for nineteen years. During that time, I returned to college, obtained an additional degree in English, and went on to teach high school.

Life as a lay person schooled me in understanding daily realities of the marketplace.  I treasured the opportunity to love and support our pastors, understanding the unique challenges they face regularly.

Now, we’ve returned to pastoral ministry, with its see-through walls. I’m not just Sharon anymore, I’m “Pastor Ken’s wife,” again, and happily so.

What do I write or speak about?

I’ll share my personal stories of valleys and victories, mess-ups and mountain tops. When I think about  some of the challenges I’ve faced like clinical depression, chronic illness, financial setbacks and job loss plus the painful consequences of my own snarky attitudes and behavior, I know it is the goodness of God that has held the life of this feisty woman together. Chasing God is exhilarating and exhausting at the same time. It requires creative problem solving, humility, and courage minute by minute. 

God designed us to lead brilliantly sacred lives that inspire lost people to come meet him and other believers to know him better.  Let me help you fall in love again with God’s Word as you walk through the character building, flesh-burning experiences He has for you on the way to your destiny.

Come laugh and learn with me.



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