About Me


About Me

Hi! I’m Sharon, former high school teacher, minister of music, floral designer and currently a writer, pastor’s wife and adult ministry leader.  I’ve experienced life inside and out of the glass house of leadership.  My various positions taught me that trailblazers  are always under the scrutiny of trail followers and in any given moment we are hero to some and villain to others.    Forging ahead takes courage, creative problem solving and intimacy with God as we seek to minimize wandering into dead ends and ambushes.

 Why am I blogging?

The focus of this blog is to encourage and build anyone  serving in a leadership role whether it’s a family of two or corporation of thousands.  God longs to do incredible things through you.  I want to help you catch the wind of the Spirit so you can enjoy your role, not just endure it.

Frankly, many of the troubles I experienced in the past came from a lack of wisdom and maturity.  I  created fields of land mines, danced in the middle of them, and then wondered why things blew up in my face!  Other times, instead of thoughtfully responding to tough situations, I reacted like oil in a hot frying pan, burning anyone within close range.  God is changing me. Now, it’s time to reach towards others who might be struggling with some of the same issues I faced.

Who am I?

In my family, we call my personality type spicy hummus.  There’s usually a bit of a zip in my attitudes and words.

I can do quiet and demure, but it’s work.  My opinions pop out at awkward times.  Sometimes my creativity runs ahead of my manners.

I am a reflective introvert who loves to write, read and garden. God, in His humor and wisdom, gifted me with abilities that plunked me onto various platforms in front of people as a pastor’s wife, minister of music, drama director and high school teacher. Without God’s prodding, I’d probably be a well-read hermit with perfectly-tended gardens.

What makes my perspective unique?

After earning a B.A. in Music and Drama, I married my college sweetheart. We spent 16 years in the full-time ministry fish tank. Twelve of those years I lived in a parsonage located next door to our church.   I also served as a minister of music for ten of those years.

God led my husband and I out of ministry and into the business world in a very Abraham-like way. We remained there for nineteen years. During that time, I returned to college, obtained another degree in English and went on to teach High School.

Life as a lay person schooled me in understanding daily realities from the other side of the pulpit.  I treasured the opportunity to love and support our pastors, understanding the unique challenges they face regularly.

Now, we’ve returned to pastoral ministry, with its see-through walls. I’m not just Sharon anymore, I’m “Pastor Ken’s wife,” again, and happily so.

What will I write about?

I’ll share my personal stories of valleys and victories, mess-ups and mountain tops.  Leadership is exhilarating and exhausting at the same time and requires creative problem solving and courage minute by minute.

God designed us to lead cause everybody is following somebody! You might not perceive yourself as a leader but there are people watching you in your family, workplace, church and community whether you realize it or not.  Let me help you walk through some of the character building, flesh-burning experiences He has for you on the way to your destiny.

Come laugh and learn with me.



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