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Coronavirus Mountains- How God-Followers Climb Them


The Modern Pilgrim #13- Pilgrim is flustered at the base of a monstrous uncharted mountain. What to do when mountain climbing skills are minimal?

We face obstacles today that didn’t exist several weeks ago, thanks to an invisible yet powerful enemy.  An enemy that erects towering cliffs between us and normal life like:

Ever-growing stacks of unpaid bills

Uncertainties about our job security

Crippling fears about becoming Shortages of goods and services

Isolation from many we love

What are your coronavirus mountains today? Are you scaling some, but others make you inwardly crumple in a heap? Or maybe for you it’s piles of little things that are slowly growing into a sizable mountain.

 For me its several things. One, is the lack of human contact beyond my husband. Walking my dog in the early morning hours, feels like a post-apocalyptic world. I used to pass others and share cheerful “Good mornings!” I guess they’re all sleeping in now. Nowhere to go. No reason to hit the trail at 6 a.m.  Streets normally humming with commuters are silent, save the occasional car now and then. Yesterday morning I waved wildly at the guy in the garbage truck, cause I felt so happy to see another human.

The no contact policy hurts far more deeply, applied to the rest of my family and friends. I miss them. A lot. FaceTime and Zoom are gifts, but it’s not the same.

There are other disappointments and challenges I face. They are slowly creating cliffs which confront me at the start of each new day right now. I suspect the same is true for all of you. We’ve never seen mountains like this. We scramble to adjust to the ever-changing governmental directives. My heart senses that some folks are crumpled at the feet of their current mountain ranges. How do God-followers acquire extreme climbing skills, like right now? How can we give a leg up to those around us?

 My husband invokes a favorite saying of his whenever I’m wilting under a challenge. “Hey you, that’s no hill for a climber!” He always emphasizes that last word, implying that I do possess the right skills to get over, around or through obstacles. I am a climber. Every passionate God-follower is a skilled climber too. God says we are. Some don’t know. The rest of us forget

  “He makes me as surefooted as a deer,
   enabling me to stand on mountain heights” Psalm 18:33. (NLT)

“The LORD gives me strength. He makes my feet as sure as those of a deer, and he helps me stand on the mountains” Habakkuk 3:19. (CEV)

When you understand how amazing deer feet are, these verses are exciting. Check out this excerpt from an article on the “N1 Outdoors” website, describing the unique features of deer hooves. 

Hooves make just about everything a deer does possible and easier. Much like human fingernails, deer hooves are composed of keratin. The keratin in deer hooves is sheeted and runs in all directions. This results in hooves that are stronger, harder and more crack resistant than bone, making them durable enough to support the animal’s weight, even when it is running or jumping with force.

When deer run, the toenails on the front of the hooves allow it to reduce the area of the foot that touches the ground, resulting in a longer stride that allows it to cover more ground.  A deer’s front cloven hoof helps it to turn sharply and push off when jumping. 

When God tells us that he endows his children with deer feet, this is huge. Human feet are not designed for barefoot climbing on hard rock. Human souls can break on the mountains of hard times that life brings. God is saying that when something massive looms before us, he gives us spiritual feet that are tough hooves.

                        Hooves that don’t break when they land in hard circumstances.

                        Hooves that leap over enemy obstacles

Hooves that turn and jump quickly in brutal situations when circumstances change abruptly

Try all of this with normal human feet and you’ll be crippled in short order. But grab the word picture God gives us. Seeing the mountain part of the picture is easy, right? It’s standing between us and what we long for right now. Return to normal life? Health? Financial stability? Healed relationship? Fulfilled dream? Accomplished goal? God grants you deer feet to climb that thing obstructing you.

Picture a deer effortlessly leaping on rocky cliffs. That’s you and me with our spiritual hooves. You are a climber. God says so. And your mountain is nothing for a climber. So, look your mountain straight in the eye and say, “In Jesus’ name, today I climb. Don’t know how far. Don’t know how long. But today I climb.” Then trust God to give you every piece of equipment you need, along with those tough spiritual hooves.

Are you ready to climb? Below is some scripture that will help you. Are you ready to exalt the name of Jesus over your mountain? There’s a worship playlist below to help. Can you reach towards someone crumpled at the foot of their mountain and share what you’re learning here with them?  We can do this. We are climbers.

Recommended Scripture:

Micah 1:4, Mark 11:23, Nahum 1:5, Zechariah 4:7

Climber’s Playlist: (all on You tube, Spotify, Apple music, etc.)

  • Raise a Hallelujah –Bethel music
  • Waymaker- Leeland
  • Revival Anthem- Rend Collective
  • See a Victory- Elevation Worshp
  • King of My Heart- Bethel Music

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