God is Doing Something New


Babylon Falling-Grace Rising #6

Babylon, an ancient city in the Bible known for its wickedness, has become a symbol for all that is in rebellion in any culture, against the one, true God.

Active grace and truth are the lifestyle pillars of every Christian who longs to be light and salt in an ever-darkening world.  

Are you sensing all the changes God is bringing about in our world right now? Are you aware of what he’s doing in your life and through your life in this new season? Babylon thinking is not free thinking. When you are part of Babylon’s system, just as in ancient Babylon, independent thinking is not encouraged. Group think is highly touted and changes names over the centuries, currently calling itself politically correct or socially sensitive. Phooey on that.

God created humans as individuals, not hives like our bee friends. He always gives us the choice to align with good or evil. He is not our puppet master, he is our Father. He established free will as foundational even though he knew that meant we could choose to reject him.

Individually, we who are God-followers listen to Holy Spirit inside us to discern God’s specific directions and leadings for us each day. At least that’s what he designed us to do. Jesus said, in John 16:13, “But when He, the Spirit of truth comes, He will guide you into all the truth; for He will not speak on His own initiative, but whatever He hears, He will speak; and He will disclose to you what is to come.”  This is not a one and done thing. He always wants to disclose to us what is coming so we are ready for it. Spring is the perfect time to consider the new things God is doing right now.

Do you know what God is asking you to do today beyond your normal routine? Are you listening for new instructions? I hope so, because I didn’t for a lot of years and missed some great things God wanted me to involve myself with. No more. These days I don’t shove off those nudges from God that I used to dismiss as weird ideas or my overactive imagination.

One of the topics God has brought up lately concerns my social media platforms and where I invest my time. Truthfully, my time is his time since he’s the one that gives me every breath and knows the number of my days. I want to desire my most valuable resource rightly and with that in mind, God has suggested some changes. I’m taking his suggestions.

 I’m so grateful for all of you who follow me on Facebook and YouTube and are also subscribed to my website. That’s why I want to let you know that some changes are coming.

The first is that as of April, I will no longer maintain a Pastor’s Feisty Wife page on Facebook. There are seasons for our involvement with various things and sometimes people and God has made it clear that my season with Facebook is over now. He’s opened the door to some new platforms that, so far, seem to be very open and welcoming to God-followers and the kinds of things we want to share with others.

The sad thing is that many of my followers on Facebook will not see the information I posted about this, although I pay money to boost my posts. Frankly, that’s the only way my posts appear on most of my follower’s feeds. Facebook has the right to run their platform any way they wish. I bless and salute any God-follower who still feels called to be there, interacting, and spreading light. For me though, God has said, “You’re done.”

I have already set up home bases on three other social media platforms where I welcome you to join and follow me if you’ve been challenged and encouraged by my stuff.

GAB SharonStults1

First, and the one I’m most fluent in right now, is Gab. Gab is most like Facebook in the way your posts look, how people like them, follow you, etc. It has several outstanding public groups you may also enjoy being part of. (My favorite is called “Christianity,”) I started a couple and then sensed that wasn’t what God wanted me to do right now. Unfortunately, on Gab, once you start a group, there’s no way to dismantle it, yet. So, they are simply sitting there with like two members each. Oh well. Perhaps God has future plans for them.

What I am doing on Gab is allowing people to find me simply by using my name.  My Gab handle is  SharonStults1.  Gab is easy to use on iPhone, androids, and tabletop computers, very much like Facebook except there are no ads. There are directions, help and FAQ right on the site that helped me a lot. Gab is easy to find. Gab.com



The second platform I joined quite a while ago simply to learn and grow. This one is called Telegram and is very different from any other social media I’ve used. At this point I haven’t figured out how to go from being a watcher to a participator but I’m learning. So, all you can do with me on Telegram right now is simply send me a message that you are there too and then join my channel. Soon, I’ll be posting my stuff on my channel.

  I love the format of this platform as each user creates their own channel, like a TV channel. And just like TV, you can hop from channel to channel, watch as many channels as you like and delete or block channels or users you don’t like. Also, you can have an unlimited number of followers with no one removing them from you. Finally, there are no ads on Telegram.

Telegram is different enough that several people have made videos and written articles as to how to get set up and use it. Here’s some that helped me. The tricky thing with Telegram setup is that you must start with a phone, then once you have an account, you can also set it up on your laptop or tabletop computers. My handle on Telegram is again, my name, Sharon Stults and you can find me at https://t.me/SharonStultsOfficial.  There are also directions right on the site to help you use it.

How to Use Telegram

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Truth Social and You Tube

The third platform I’ve moved to is Truth Social. Currently, this is only available on a phone but once you get there it also looks and operates similarly to Facebook. There are directions on the site as to how to use the site, just like Telegram and Gab. I am also posting my articles there for people to read and share. Once again you can find me on Truth Social under my name and then I apparently also have a handle that reads @pastorsfeistywife?  Not fluent on this site either but I’m also trying to learn here how to make the best use of this platform.

Fourth, I now have a You Tube channel where you can find video versions of the articles, I’m writing this year. I am easy to find under my name again. Apparently, no one else has a similar sounding channel so I pop right up when people enter my name.

God is doing a lot of new things in my life, and I suspect in yours also. He is shaking everything that can be shaken, and I believe that is to help us see truth from fiction and to get us to consider opportunities and ways of thinking that we were previously closed off to.

Stay open and keep your hands open for God to place things into your life and take things out. It’s a crummy season when you try to hang onto people, situations, or places where God is telling you to let go. I’ve done it and don’t recommend it because it’s exhausting. God won’t give you grace for things he is no longer asking you to do.

What new things is God doing in your life? I hope some of you will follow me on my new platforms and let me know what’s happening in your lives too. May God’s peace surround and fill you today. Are you ready for him to do something new?

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