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God-Followers CAN Be Purifying Agents in a Polluted Culture


Wisdom Challenge #14

Do you ever wish your children or grandchildren could grow up in the simpler days of your own childhood? Days when sexual immorality didn’t seem to pollute everything from tooth paste commercials to children’s cartoons? Dreamy days when children used to play free range in their neighborhoods because parents didn’t need to be so vigilant and watchful for abusers, pedophiles or sex traffickers? Quieter days when most people weren’t polarized over politics? I don’t think those days are gone forever. I believe that’s a lie Satan uses to make us believe that our best days are behind us.

I think we are on the cusp of the greatest awakening in human history, unlike anything ever seen before. God is beginning something so grand, we can’t even imagine all of it at this point. He wants us to join him in his plans, not sit back passively, waiting for him to cleanse our cultures and nations. Remember, Jesus told us WE are the salt of the earth. (Matthew 5:13) Think of how salt is used as a preserving agent, like to keep pickles or jerky from rotting. Think of how salt is a purifier, removing toxins, like a water softening system. That’s us! WE are the purifying, cleansing agents of this world. So what does that look like in daily life? First, I think we need to understand how toxic and harmful moral pollution really is and what role the body of Christ played in allowing it to get as dangerous as it has.

Just how much damage can the immoral and anti-god agendas of the godless do to our societies, especially our children? Let me use a true and tragic example of pollution in our physical environment to begin to illustrate.  Six-year-old Jaylon Wakes progressed from being a mildly hyperactive child to a hysterical, uncontrollable one within one short school year. That was the year he and his mother moved to a new neighborhood. A neighborhood that turned out to have the highest lead content in its drinking water in the city of Flint, Michigan.

When city officials switched Flint’s water source from Lake Huron to the Flint River, within a few months, many city residents started complaining of disturbing health issues created by drinking and bathing in lead-saturated water. Polluted water is dangerous and harmful.  Proverbs uses this ame physical example to talk about a spiritual problem.  

If the godly give in to the wicked, it’s like polluting a fountain or muddying a spring. (Proverbs 25:26 NLT)

In Flint, drinking water became a health hazard by allowing lead to flow into it unchecked. City and state leaders took a passive approach to pipe inspection before they made the disastrous change. When they finally did, after the health of many was damaged, the contaminants in the pipes were obvious. None of the damage needed to happen.

In the same way, the body of Christ has too often passively allowed the corroding, poisonous effects of sin to flow unhindered into our culture. When all of us, as citizens, start to feel the negative effects on the health of our cities and towns, we Jesus-followers are some of the loudest complainers. Where were we when the poisons first started to flow?

Where were the questions and protests when prayer was removed from public schools during my childhood?

Where was the outrage and demands for accountability when the murder of unborn infants became a legal “right” during my teenage years?

When the body of Christ, for the most part, remained passive about these issues, evil was emboldened. It pushed harder.

The push began to normalize and condone sex outside of marriage if it’s “safe,” during my teenage years and became epidemic during my college years in the late seventies.

When all of that only merited, for the most part, pastors preaching against it and believers talking against it, mostly inside the walls of churches instead of out in the marketplace, sin became bolder.

Rampant nudity, sexual immorality and crude language in everything from movies and tv to cartoon shows designed for children, became prevalent during my daughter’s childhood. Computers burst on the scene at the same time and sin hit the accelerator.

In my grandchildren’s generation, we’ve progressed to same sex marriages.

The murder of infants who survive attempted abortions.

The normalization of deviant sexual behaviors to the degree that we need to use half the alphabet to create an acronym for all of them.

Pornography and human trafficking are also now the highest grossing businesses in the world where my grandchildren are coming of age.

Do you see the progression here? Do you see how Satan just keeps nudging us farther and farther away from Biblical morality? How far are we going to let him push us? Just how polluted is our culture going to have to become before most God-followers do something about it besides wring their hands and trash talk polluters? Exactly how much damage to the souls of our children and youth are we willing to allow before we become effective, Biblical citizens?

Is it the day in school your preschool-age granddaughter’s teacher tells her that  having two daddies or two mommies is good and reads aloud the book,  “The Gay-BC’s,”

Or is it the day you discover your child’s school principal is lobbying to have all parental consent removed for under-age abortions?

Or maybe it’s the day you take your grandson to library story hour and discover a scantily dressed transgender man will be the storyteller for that day?

All true stories happening right now somewhere near you and paid for by your tax dollars.

***For my free, downloadable Bible study that accompanies this article, “Purifying A Polluted Culture,” click on “Wisdom Challenge Resources” on my website under April’s files.

When are righteous people going to become more involved in their local, state and federal governments instead of complaining about them? These are the people who are creating law and instituting policy every day that either advances God’s kingdom agenda or Satan’s. God is the one who created government in the first place. Why have we allowed politics ( a different animal entirely) to take over our governing bodies?

When are righteous people going to persistently phone, text or email politicians and say, “This is not acceptable” when moral pollution and decay is legalized? It matters. Politicians care about favorability numbers regardless of whether they agree with their constituents or not.

When are righteous people going to get serious about being aware of what their local, state, and federal governments are even doing?

When are righteous people going to consistently obey the command to pray for those in authority over us? Passionately. Faithfully. Specifically.  Many wicked officials are controlled by demonic spirits who occupy those positions of power.  Remind me again, who has authority over demonic strongholds using the weapons given to them by the Lord of the universe? That would be me and you, God-followers. Them that’s got it needs to use it!

Cause I’ll tell you what, while we’ve been huddled inside our churches blasting the behavior of moral polluters, praying for our government once a year on the National Day of Prayer, avoiding the “dirty business of politics,” the wicked are enjoying wild success pushing forward their immoral agendas. So, what can we do now to begin the process of purifying our culture and stop the flow of so much toxic, corrosive behavior?

  • Know who your local, state, and federal officials are and pay attention to what they are doing especially compared to what they said they would do during their campaigns. Sadly, I meet believers regularly who have no idea who these people are and can’t name them when put on the spot.
  • Sign up for their email updates, social media accounts, etc. so you can track what they are doing, for good or for evil. Start paying attention. They work for YOU, not the other way around.
  • Pray specifically and boldly for government officials. Pray for the lost to repent and be saved or to be removed. Pray for believers in government to be bold, blessed elected and protected. Satan hates them.
  • Show up and speak up. Show up at your school board meetings. While we weren’t paying attention, schools became indoctrination centers where ungodly agendas and beliefs are taught. Show up at town halls and other events with your representatives and ask respectful, pointed questions. Our state representative regularly hangs out in one of our local restaurants on certain days, just to talk to constituents. My husband, Ken, and I have been the only ones there several times.
  • Pray about and research running for office. This may be God’s unexpected calling for you. ( Do you honestly think Joseph dreamed of being the prime minister of Egypt?) Listen, I believe corruption and evil behavior are about to be exposed on a grander scale than we can imagine. So, gird your spiritual loins. This will leave many vacant seats in our government. If you aren’t called to run then get involved with godly people who are.
  • Read books that teach you your God-given rights as a human and American citizen so you know what to stand up for.  I recently purchased a small book, only ninety some pages entitled, “A Citizen’s Introduction to the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution,” by Matthew Spalding, a professor at Hillsdale College, in Michigan. How do you know when things are going wrong if you don’t understand your rights? Evil agendas flourish amidst passivity and ignorance.
  • Take an online class at the Patriot Academy to learn our true American history and how to become a more engaged citizen. Ken and I started one this week entitled “Biblical Citizenship.”  Oh, my word, we loved it! You all would too. These classes are free, live, and online and are offered at all different times in the various time zones.

It’s time for Christians to take their moral imperative as the salt of the earth seriously. It is time for us to turn off the faucets of moral pollution with wisdom, knowledge, boldness and grace. What action will you take today?

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