Lucifer Is Counting on Biblically Illiterate Christians

Babylon Falling-Grace Rising #3

Is your Sword of the Spirit, your Bible, (Ephesians 6:17) razor sharp and cutting through enemy strongholds every day? I confess that some days, my sword is more of a showpiece in my heart house rather than an active and busy weapon. I also confess that Bible studies I’ve done over the summer showed me that not only is my weapon left on a shelf somedays it’s also much duller than I imagined.

The word for a dull sword in Japanese is “namakura” which also means “lazy or cowardly.” For a Japanese samurai, a sharp sword could mean the difference between life and death. Sharp swords are for serious warriors. A dull sword, even in a great warrior’s hands, puts him at the disadvantage in a battle. A sharp sword can be lethal to an enemy.

What if every believer seriously sharpened their Sword of the Spirit every day? I think Babylon, the world’s systems, would not be as entrenched in every pillar of every society around the world. Right now, enemy combatants invade our castles when they should not have access at all. We’ve got a lot of clean up battles before us to restore our nations, governments, schools, churches, financial institutions, media, entertainment, and our homes to reestablish godly, scripture-based societies.

God-following warriors with sharp Swords, along with equally sharp mercy, wisdom and knowledge are needed to cut down the lies and nonsense enslaving so many, even in the church. Dull Swords make room for low living in every area of our lives. When we aren’t clear on what the Word says about situations and people, we stay silent when we should speak up. We sit down and go along when we should be standing and saying, “No, I do not consent to this. No, I do not agree with this. No, this is wrong.”

I’ve been in church ministry for decades and I’m authentically frightened as to how much worse Biblical illiteracy has become in my lifetime. There’s a lot of dull and rusty swords out there in Christendom and mine has been one of them at various times. Many church folk shy away from studies that pound through one book of the Bible or examine doctrine and theology. Some people I’ve observed jump from one topical study to another or use devotionals exclusively for their times with God. I’m not slamming either. I’ve written several of each. Topical studies and devotionals have an important place in our spiritual growth, but they shouldn’t be the only way we encounter the Bible.

If you think of Bible study options as food groups, topical studies are like the vegetable on your dinner plate as they tend to hop all around in the scriptures, pulling this root scripture from here and that one from a different part of the Bible garden. I think of devotionals as the grains in my spiritual life as they are easy to digest and taste so good. It’s important to my overall spiritual health to eat my vegetables and grains, but there better also be complex protein on my Bible study dinner plate. By complex protein, I mean the meat I get from the Word when I take one book of scripture, or a set of related books like the gospels and do a thorough, deep study.

To only do topical studies is like sharpening only one side of your sword. To live in devotionals consistently allows your sword to become rusty. Both approaches to the Bible are great but they represent someone else’s work of deep diving into scriptures. We need to eat our own meat. And to avoid certain books like Leviticus, the minor prophets and all those other books that are difficult and often overlooked, is to have a partially sharpened sword only. If it’s in his Word, God is counting on us reading and knowing it.

If we want to cut down the Luciferian strongholds choking our societies, we’re gonna need a lot of sharp swords. May I recommend a few places to find sharpening tools? You can use these with a group or dig alone. I’ve linked most of the books or websites for easy access.

  1. “The Bible in 52 Weeks,” by Dr. Kimberly Moore

Okay, I know this isn’t a deep dive into one book, however, the times I’ve read through the Bible in a year, one of the greatest takeaways is being able to see God’s reoccurring themes and motifs in his dealings with humans. That is a powerful way to sharpen your sword as you learn God’s ways and methods of dealing with sin and rebellion.

I like Jen’s heart and I’ve always struggled with the book of Hebrews as it contains some deep doctrine and theology that must be wrestled through. This verse-by-verse study looks very appealing to me, and I will be that it is good. She’s also done books on Genesis and 1 Peter.

  • Christianbook.com’s list of book-by-book Bible studies– check out this website for a huge list of Bible studies for any book of the Bible you might want to work on. Click on the book of the Bible you wish to study, and a list will come up with all your options. For example, I clicked on Esther and up came studies by a wide variety of people like Kay Arthur, Max Lucado, Pricilla Shirer, Warren Wiersbe, and many others.
  • Bible Project

I’ve been learning from this amazing website all summer. I started with the podcasts on Exodus and then switched over to Genesis, where I am now. The team of people behind this site are amazing Bible deep divers who are teaching me profound truths about God’s purposes and character and dealings with humans by simply doing a close examination of original texts. There are eye openers and startling new facts that unfold with every podcast. Besides podcasts they offer free online studies featuring the same books of the podcasts.

The world grows ever darker as evil struggles to keep its grip on our societies, but I see Christians around the world waking up and sharpening their swords, cutting paths for light to break through. We need more warriors to get in the fight with swords ready.

Warriors in our governments.

Warriors on our city councils and school boards.

Warriors in classrooms.

Warriors in the media and entertainment.

Warriors in the marketplace.

Warriors in our homes.

Evil progresses when light bearers don’t force it into retreat.

A grade school or high school understanding of the Word was great for those days, but it will not carry you through the adult challenges we are facing in our tumultuous culture currently. I believe it will become much darker before light fully breaks through. Will you be frightened, worried, and confused the same as lost people or will you be a warrior cutting new paths through the darkness?

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