New Year, New Format!


Happy New Year, everyone!  I wanted to let you all know of some upcoming changes and additions to “Pastor’s Feisty Wife,” that I believe you will find helpful and enjoyable. God put some surprising things on my heart for this year, so it should be rather an interesting ride.

  1. In addition to the usual encouragement, exhortation, advice and personal stories, which I typically share, at the bottom of each post, will be a new feature entitled, “Lamp and Sword,” based on Psalm 119:105 and Hebrews 4:12.   For those interested in further  study of the topic I raise in the post, I’ll provide some questions, scripture and resources to help you in your quest to allow the Word to light your path and carve out truth in your life.
  2. Within a few months, my blog will also be available on Pinterest, for those of you who enjoy cruising the boards.  It will look a bit different but the content will be the same.
  3. I am pledging to be more faithful to respond to comments on various posts and hopefully to open dialogue with some of you.  If you are struggling with something and would like another prayer partner, let me know via comments or PM on Facebook, or through comments you make on this site itself.
  4. The themes God impressed upon me for 2019 will all come from the books of the Bible we call the Minor Prophets. My husband calls these books the “white pages” of the Bible as people rarely read them.   These books are a treasure troves of wisdom and truth and are some of my favorite books in the entire Bible.   It’s my heart desire to introduce you to and help you develop relationships with these twelve fascinating guys whose ancient words still ring with clarity and power.   In January we will consider Hosea’s insights, the man who God directed to choose an unfaithful woman to be his wife as a living illustration of Israels feckless and spiritually adulterous behavior.  His story is dramatic and filled with intriguing word pictures that illustrate God’s frightening anger towards Israel at that time.   The first post will arrive tomorrow.  See you then!
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