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Babylon Falling- Grace Rising #4

Our education systems are in dire need of our prayers, participation, patience, and persistence. As the winds of Babylon try to blow our children away from the truth about their Heavenly Father, the body of Christ needs to engage in this arena. And not just parents of school age children.  We cannot sit this one out as we’ve done before. If you’ve not read my previous February post, I encourage you to do that before you continue. The first post establishes our calling and scriptural basis for being hands on with how younger generations are being educated. They are the minds and hearts which will steer our futures. What does the Bible reveal about God’s thoughts on their education? Check out the previous post for a couple ideas.

In this article I’d like to share strategies for believers to be influential in schools and colleges in your area. Let’s start with prayer. If your local K-12 schools and colleges and universities are not anywhere on your prayer list, I encourage you to put them there, maybe once a week or even once a month. Perhaps God is calling you to start a parents prayer group for your kid’s school. Or maybe you and your family are called to include a college or university one of your children attends into your dinner prayer. Our God is THE creator. He will bring creative ideas to open hearts and listening ears about how to include schools in your prayer life.

What should we pray? Here are some wonderful resources I found with some great prayer points. The Navigators published an article entitled, “Ten Prayers for Public Schools.”  Blogger, Karen Wingate, brings up some great ideas in her article, “Prayer for Our Public Schools.”  Another blogger, Lisa Appelo offers “10 Prayers for Your College Student,” on her site. Here’s another resource from Moms in Prayer International entitled, “Prayer Points for College Students.” This one is especially informative about where college students are right now, emotionally, and insight as to how to pray for them.

Along with praying for students and teachers, we need to intercede specifically for the power brokers of our education systems like school administrations and school boards, and the people making decisions at the state and federal levels which directly affect students and teachers. Here are some suggested prayer points.

1. Ask God to promote the righteous into positions of authority in education. Ask him to open doors no man can close and to grant favor to Christians called into teaching and leadership in our education systems. (Revelation 3:7, Psalm 90:17 and 5:12)

2. Pray for the salvation of lost teachers, professors, administrators, school board members and regents. Ask God to reveal himself to those who don’t know him. Ask God to intersect their lives with fire-filled believers who aren’t timid about their faith. For education folks who are dead set against God and actively promoting Satan’s agenda, I pull out my “Change ‘Em or Move ‘Em” prayer.

I ask God to create circumstances and intersect them with people that will allow the light of Christ to pierce their armor but if they resist that, I ask him to remove them out of positions of influence. Too many “dope,” “hip,” humanistic professors and teachers lead students away from God and into Babylon’s beliefs. Too many anti-god school board members create and maintain education environments that are openly hostile to the Christian faith. They must be covered and dealt with in prayer, as a foundational step.

3. Ask God for discernment, wisdom, and insight before you vote for anyone involved with education. Many people are discovering that school board members they voted for in the past, for example, are not the people they thought them to be. God knows the heart of every candidate. He will direct you in your voting if you make it a matter of prayer.

4. Pray in the above ways for your local college presidents and deans by name, especially if your child is enrolled in their school. These people influencers decide what is and is not taught in classrooms because they do the hiring and firing.

If you are praying for a specific, school, teacher, or administrator regularly, let them know via a card or email. You might be surprised, as I have been, how many lost people appreciate those prayers. God can use the most unlikely people, like you and me, to change history. Start with prayer. He may give you other creative ideas of ways to show them appreciation. When people feel appreciated, they are more likely to open their hearts and minds to you.

Okay, now some boots on the physical ground ideas. God is calling thousands of believers to step out in faith right now and become physically engaged with education systems. Here are just a few ideas of where he’s leading people at all different levels. Perhaps he’s been trying to speak to you about one of these things. Are you listening?

1. Attend and participate in school board meetings. Parents and community members are showing up and letting their opinions be heard.  As believers, when we engage, we should be the most respectful, succinct, engaging, and interesting people there. No rants. No emotional tirades and threats.

Respectfully giving information and asking questions should be our posture. We might be treated rudely and hit a brick wall as far as affecting change on that night, but we don’t know what God might do with one courageous, articulate believer. You might be the igniter for others to come forward and join their voices with yours to make it clear to school boards that pornographic curriculum will not be tolerated, for example.

2. Run for a position on a school board. The time is now folks. Many school board members are resigning currently.

3. Return to teaching if you are retired or if you were forced to resign. We have now shifted, in many states, from a teacher glut to a teacher shortage. God may call you back into public or private schools. Is he calling you to your community college or local university as an adjunct professor? Or he may call you to offer yourself as a teacher in a small homeschool co-op where a group of families come together to educate their students at home using some of the thousands of teachers who left their positions recently.

Today’s students are tomorrow’s leaders. Where will they lead our governments, businesses, arts, and entertainment and all the other pillars of society that frame who we are as nations, states, and communities? Will they lead us closer to the darkness or The Light? What you and I do here and now, in our prayer closets and in our local education institutions will directly affect the outcome of that question. Are you ready to join the spiritual army fighting on their knees for our children? Is God calling you to directly engage with a school?

If you have experience or knowledge about standing up in the education arena, please share helpful information and encouragement on my Facebook page. God bless you and may his face shine on you today.

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