The Stars of Christmas


The signs and wonders surrounding Christ’s birth and life are mathematical miracles that should give every believer courageous confidence in sharing the story of his birth with lost people who think Christmas is strictly a Santa Claus, Elf on the Shelf affair. My husband, Ken, recently started to share with me all the statistical improbabilities that operate for Jesus Christ to have fulfilled all the prophecies spoken about the Messiah.

I was so captivated, I started to study the prophecies on my own, and God started pouring devotional ideas into my head in rapid fire fashion. For the month of December, I will be releasing sets of devotionals for 25 days (six days at a time) starting on December 1. In this post, I’ve included the intro and the first day. The rest of this first set will be available on my website as a free download by the evening of December 1, 2021.

Use them yourself, share them with family and friends, or your Bible study. It matters not to me if you use them as a basis for sermons and speaking engagements as long as you are honest about where you obtained your inspiration. I share these freely because they’ve been given to me freely.

Consider sharing them with an unsaved friend or family member who might be intrigued by all the mathematical improbabilities and fulfillments. You never know what God can use to soften a heart.

Stars of Christmas

A Devotional

25 Days of Reflections on Prophecies Fulfilled by Christ


The wonders and miracles of Christmas began in the garden of Eden. Above the dark moment when Adam and Eve chose evil over perfect goodness, God positioned a Christmas star. In Genesis 3:15 he promised that One would be born who would crush the head of Satan and destroy his dark plans to destroy humans, the pinnacle of God’s creation.

Throughout the dark periods in Israel’s history before Christ’s birth, God raised up prophetic voices who continued to place prophetic stars of light and hope into the hearts of the Jewish people concerning their coming Messiah. I was given the idea of calling these prophecies the stars of Christmas during my Bible study one day when I found a diagram in the back of my Scofield reference Bible entitled, “Messianic Stars.” The diagram shows all the Old Testament prophecies that predict the fascinating details of Christ’s one-of-a-kind birth. And just like that, a devotional series about the messianic prophecies began tossing around in my head.

A mathematics professor at Westmont College was intrigued by the mathematical probabilities of Jesus Christ fulfilling the major prophecies given about his birth, life, and death. He used 600 math students to work calculations and then submitted those to other scientists and probability experts. Finally, he turned in the calculations to the American Scientific Affiliation. Many of its members were very skeptical of the entire project. However, after examining only eight different prophecies, this group concluded that the chances of one man fulfilling just those eight prophecies was 10^17. (Ten with seventeen zeroes.)

The professor used this illustration to better demonstrate this number. Take this number of silver dollars, with one having a special mark on it, and lay them on the ground in the state of Texas. They will cover the ground two feet deep. Now blindfold a man and let him know that he can walk wherever he likes and attempt to pick up the one silver dollar that has a special mark on it. What do you think his chances are of picking up the right one? The birth of Jesus Christ is a mathematical miracle.

Centuries of prophecies are fulfilled starting with the moment Mary is told by an angel that she will experience a very unusual pregnancy. God’s ancient love story with humans culminates in Christ’s birth. The miracles of prophetic fulfillment concerning the who, what, when, where and why of his birth and life are dazzling once you start to add them up. Join me for twenty-five days of signs that will fill you with wonder.

December 1

“And I will put enmity (open hostility) between you and the woman, and between your seed (offspring) and her Seed; he shall [fatally] bruise your head, and you shall [only] bruise His heel,” Genesis 3:15 Amp.

Prophecy: Messiah would be born only of a woman and would go on to crush Satan’s plan to annihilate humans. (Original Hebrew indicates Christ born exclusively of a woman alone)

Fulfillment: Matthew 1:20, Galatians 4:4, Colossians 2:15, Revelation 1:18

Every creature, and one especially, held its breath in Eden, waiting for Eve’s response, wondering at Adam’s silence. The wicked serpent entered their paradise and now dangled a choice before humans, believe God and obey his word or doubt him and break covenant.

What happened in those moments after Adam and Eve chose darkness instead of obedience? Did animals creep away fleeing the murderous shadows that would now take their lives so humans could use their skins as covering? Did the wind roar through the trees with anger at the ruination of perfection? Adam and Eve knew immediately that perfect relationship between them and God was now broken, and so they hid in fear.

While angels wept and darkness triumphantly took its stance on earth’s soil, God placed a Christmas star in the sky over Eden. God activated his redemption plan and promised Lucifer that the plan to crush him was now at defcon one. Heaven’s host would now for centuries be on full military alert to preserve humans, specifically the line of Christ. In one of humanity’s darkest moments God sent light and aimed it directly in Satan’s face.

God’s plan of salvation for humans persisted through centuries of Jewish history and remained constant despite their failings and disobedience. Why did heaven rejoice so magnificently over the shepherds? Because the plan to save you and me was still on target and began to see fulfillment in a feed trough in Bethlehem. Centuries of supernatural warfare were now narrowed down to thirty-three years and a few more prophecies to fulfill, before complete triumph.

The wonder today of this prophecy being fulfilled is that redemption is still available to us if we have breath. Whether it’s your first time to choose Christ’s gift of payment for your sin or the millionth time that he’s covered your failings with Jesus’ blood, the promise of his triumph over darkness remains. Satan, our enemy has been brought down by Bethlehem’s sweet baby boy so that we can be lifted into unbroken fellowship with God. We do not need to hide in shame and fear from an angry Creator.

Now matter how great the size and number of our sins, the prophetic, redemptive Christmas star of Genesis 3:15, is unfathomably brighter. There is no life so dark and hardened that cannot be penetrated by God’s light once the soul seeks it. Let’s keep our own accounts very short with God. Then, let’s pray fervently for unsaved family and friends to open their hearts and minds to the wonder of this star so they may seek and then worship the Christ of Christmas.

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