The Truth About Hard Times


Hard times roll through everyone’s world and often feel like storms and droughts.   Some of us are floating in floodwaters. Our homes, families and dreams are threatened by the dirty waters of money troubles, divorce, death and such. When the flood finally passes we are left to deal with piles of mess and debris.

Other folks languish in dry, barren places.  Chronic unemployment, childlessness, broken relationships, long-term illness, hostile work environments and many other soul-drying circumstances can leave us feeling perpetually parched and discouraged.

Hard times can blow like hurricanes or tornadoes, rearranging or destroying everything in their paths.  The adulterous revelations of a spouse or leader, a suicide, a mass shooting or so many other unexpected situations make us wonder if life will ever feel “normal” again.

When I feel like troubles are pressing on me, I need to remind myself of who God is. As fiery trials try to destroy me from the inside and the outside, I’m going to win more battles if I take my eyes off the flames and put them on the One who is in the furnace with me.  In future posts I’ll share some strategies for thriving in trials but today, I think we need a strong reminder that he is the all sufficient, all powerful, all knowing God who is able to handle whatever concerns us today.

In every book of the Bible, he reveals at least one, if not several character attributes.  I selected some that I think will help you if you are facing a barrage of challenges.


  • Genesis- He is Creator.  He turns messes into beauty.
    • Exodus- He is our Deliverer.  He makes ways were there are no ways.
      • Leviticus- He is our High Priest. He is at the throne of God on our behalf.
        • Numbers- He is our cloud by day and the pillar of fire by nightHe guides us through every hellish situation.
          • DeuteronomyHe is our teacher. He will teach us survival skills.


  • Joshua- He is our mighty conqueror.  He leads us in our warfare from a position of victory.
    • Judges- He is the perfect judge. He will deliver justice to us and against our enemies.
      • Ruth- He is our kinsman-redeemer He takes us into his family and cares for us.
        • 1&2 Samuel- He is a powerful prophet. He tells us the truth about us and our situations.
          • 1&2 Kings- He is King forever.  He rules over heaven and earth and every detail of our lives.
        • 1&2 Chronicles- He is our intercessor He carries our cries and requests directly to the Father.
          • EzraHe is the faithful scribe. Every second of our existence is known by him.
            • NehemiahHe is the rebuilder of broken walls – He restores what’s been destroyed.
              • EstherHe stands in the gap for us. When we are persecuted and plotted against, he stands between us and our enemies.


Job- He is the one who understands our pain.  He suffered pain first-hand and empathizes with ours. 

Psalms- He is our reason to sing. In tragedie, he is still everything good, beautiful and right in our world.

Proverbs- He is our wisdom.  He sees the whole picture and will tell us what to do.

Ecclesiastes- He is our purpose, When we are adrift, he give new beginnings and open doors.

Song of Solomon- He is our lover and bridegroom.  He will cherish us now and throughout eternity.


  • Isaiah- He is the Mighty Counselor and Good Shepherd. He shows us right paths, emotionally, physically and spiritually. 
    • Jeremiah- He is my comfort during times of suffering. He understands the depth of our pain more than anyone and holds us tightly in his arms.
  • Lamentations- He is the daily mercy giver. Fresh strength for each day.
    • Ezekiel- He is the Son of Man- He understands our temptations.


  • Daniel- He is the Fourth Man in our fire. He will never leave us alone during the worst of times.
    • Hosea- He is our faithful lover. He stays when others leave.
      • Joel- He is our refuge. He keeps us safe in the midst of trouble.
        • Amos- He is our burden bearer. He yokes himself to us so we don’t carry our loads alone.
          • Obadiah- He is our Mighty Savior. He stands between us and all the bullies of this life.


  • Jonah- He is our salvation. He has saved and sealed our spirits to live with him in perfection, for eternity. Whatever happens here, is only the beginning of our stories.
    • Micah- He is our peace. When troubles swirl around us, He is our quiet place.
      • Nahum- He is our avenger. We can trust him to deal with our opposition.
        • Habakkuk- He is the Holy One. He is set apart, like no other and sets us apart with himself.  
      • Zephaniah- He dances and sings over our lives.  When we see only darkness, he is still dancing and singing over all the potential he placed within us.
        • Haggai- He is the Lord of Hosts- He commands the legions of heaven to act on our behalf.
          • Zechariah- He is the crucified Son – The cross has the final word on any matter in heaven and earth.
            • Malachi- He is the Son of Righteousness – He offers cleansing in our unrighteous situations.

What is your need today?  Run to the great I Am with every question, heartbreak and pain.  He IS your all sufficient one.  Nothing in your life is beyond his control and compassion.


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