One Year Wisdom Challenge

Unbroken Fellowship Devotional


The new seven day devotional, “Unbroken Fellowship- Staying Off God’s Naughty List” is now uploaded on my website under “Wisdom Challenge Resources,” in the September section of that page as this study is reflective of the posts from that month. If you haven’t read those posts, I encourage you to do that as they set the premise for the devotional. Last week I shared all of Day One. Today here’s an excerpt from Day Two.

“Remember when Abraham lied about Sarah because he decided that was the only way to keep them both alive? (Genesis 20) Certainly, a noble cause. God told Abraham he’d be the father of  nations. How was that going to work out if he or Sarah were killed? He had to lie to keep them safe, right? I’ve always had a judgey attitude about Abraham’s lies about Sarah until God convicted me of all the white lies I’ve told for less noble reasons. Abraham authentically feared for his life. Read the story to find out the scary and humiliating sequence of events Abraham’s white lie set into motion, though, for Sarah when he feared men more than God.

God-followers have adopted the ways of the world too much in this area just as Abraham did. I’ve not always told people the truth, for my noble reasons. We humans act like we know better than God, how to care for ourselves and others. Jesus said truth sets people free, but still, we decide to withhold it for our own reasons. Sometimes it’s self-preservation and other times we twist it around to try and make it a kindness or noble act.

This is exactly how Satan works with subtlety. He twists things around, turns them inside out and upside down and then convinces us it’s all acceptable. He’s good with us losing the conversational art of saying hard things in kind ways. Finding an affirming way to tell my friend that her new hairstyle is not as flattering as the old one, is not an easy task. It forces me to rely more deeply on the Holy Spirit to give me words that tell the truth but still bring life.”

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