Babylon Falling Grace Rising

What’s Your Story? Babylon Falling-Grace Rising #11


Christians have access to the best stories, so why is Babylon controlling all the storytelling mountains of society?

Babylon Falling- Grace Rising #11

Babylon, an ancient city in the Bible known for its wickedness, has become a symbol for all that is in rebellion in any culture, against the one, true God. 

Active grace and truth are the lifestyle pillars of every Christian who longs to be light and salt in an ever-darkening world.

Is it possible that one of the reasons lost people are not flooding into churches is because our storytelling skills are running second to the world’s? The lost flock to theaters to see stories in movie form that cannot hold a candle to most of the adventures in the Bible or even the stories of our country’s past and recent history. Babylon’s movies often portray morally deficient people as sympathetic heroes. Millions plunk down their dollars for books and movies like “Fifty Shades of Grey,” a sick tale about an abusive relationship, disguised as a love story.

The TV viewership is sky high for shows like “The Bachelor and The Bachelorette,” where one person is dating multiple people simultaneously so they can pick the best one to marry. Come on. Can’t we in the body of Christ step up and consistently turn out better material than this junk? Can’t we create shows and books that inspire and make us want to aspire to greater things? Right now, Babylon is kicking our buns and taking numbers in the entertainment and publishing industries. They have been ruling those mountains of society for decades. What are we going to do about that?

These industries and their current leaders, understand that everybody loves a good story. Jesus knew that. Imagine what an amazing live speaker he was. People did not flock to him just to be healed. His words grabbed their hearts and imaginations and they wanted to hear more. What if the body of Christ became more like that, consistently better and more powerful at sharing righteous, captivating stories to the world? There are a few believers in the entertainment and publishing industries that are doing that and consistently hitting homeruns. They are far too few.

What if “Well, that was pretty good for a Christian movie,” disappeared from our vernacular? What if Christian books were at the top of all best seller lists because those stories were the ones that people just could not put down? What if wicked people did not control most of the major storytelling outlets in our country? Satan understands the power of story too. Think about the yarn he spun for Eve in his opening scene in Genesis. In his unrelenting quest to steal, kill, and destroy he has wrestled his minions and values to the top of key storytelling mountains, like Hollywood studios, TV networks and publishing houses. Doubt me? Check out your local Barnes and Noble, your local theater showtimes or your TV guide channel. How much of what is available do you think Jesus might enjoy reading or viewing? How much of it is inferior quality or plain evil?

Some of you might agree with what I have said so far and are saying, “But I am not a writer, actor, or a producer. What can I do?” My goal on this blog is always to challenge and inspire. God wants us to think outside our boxes Let me, if I may, talk with you folks a bit, then I will swing around to those of you who are creatives and could be involved in some way in the entertainment or writing industries.

Here are a few easy action steps anyone can take to help topple Babylon off the top of the storytelling mountains.

Stop Supporting Worldly Stuff

Stop engaging with shows, books, podcasts, and other forms of info and entertainment that are morally corrupt and are not presented creatively with excellence. I promise that if the body of Christ would stop their involvement with books, movies and TV shows that do not support moral lifestyles and values, the kings of those mountains would feel it in their pocketbooks. They would change their content.

Support Christian Artists and Writers

. Attend their movies. Buy their books and videos and tells others about them on your social media accounts.

Clean Out Your Life

. Sometimes Babylon puts out a great movie, show or book that supports God’s values and exalts truth and righteousness. Sadly, not often. The thing is, when you watch or read something where the characters or storyline mock or lie about God’s principles and character, you are telling the unseen world that you are okay with that. We unintentionally empower the darkness. If that same thing were disrespecting or slandering one of your family members, I doubt you would engage with it. Isn’t God our Father and Jesus our brother?

Some Thoughts for Creatives

Now, for other creatives, like me, all you writers, actors, directors, publishers, editors, and all other folks with God given talents that could be used to make movies, TV shows and books. What are we doing with what God gave us? If your job does not allow you to use your abilities, how are you using them in your free time? Are you dreaming big dreams? Dreams that are too big for you to accomplish on your own? Let me make a five suggestions of ways you can start brushing the dust off some of your underused or unused talents. Baby Boomers especially, can launch themselves off into areas they have always dreamed about but never had the time to pursue when they were raising their families

  • Pray and discern the will of God for you in this season of time. Many creatives are multi-talented and often make the mistake of trying to flow in too many areas at once. God has seasons and times for things. Discern yours.
  • Attend a quality conference to learn and strengthen skills and to network with likeminded people. There are conferences and seminars all over the country, many available online.

I will put links at the bottom of this piece to help you find one right for you.

  • Take advantage of local colleges, universities, and adult education classes to develop your skill. Do you need to take a writing class or one on how to use technology to get your message out there? Do it.
  • Start doing something. If you are bent towards acting, get involved in your local Civic Theater or your church has a drama group. If you are interested in the nitty gritty of publishing, there are now hundreds of smaller, Christian publishing houses with whom you might be able to arrange an offsite work situation. Think along lines like these for your talents and abilities. Ask God to show you someplace where you could plug in right now and be somebody’s answer to prayer.
  • Be faithful. Creatives can be notoriously flakey, committing to things and not following through. Let your yes be yes and your no be no.

I am tired of our children being assaulted with crude, twisted cartoons, books, and programs that mock kingdom values and principles. I am tired of starting a movie or show and bailing fast because of nudity and language. I am weary of mediocre Christian books and movies that I dutifully finish but do not always enjoy.

I am doing my part to help change my little corner of the world by keeping this blog and creating Bible study books (my Titus Bible study will be published in 2023!) that challenge and inspire people to become more like Jesus. My husband and I have become far more cautious about the books, movies and TV shows we are allowing into our lives. What is God asking you to do today? Where does he want you to invest your talents right now? I encourage you to reread Matthew 25:14-30 and remind yourself which servant you want to be in that story.

“Master, you delivered to me two talents; here, I have made two talents more. His master said to him, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant. You have been faithful over a little; I will set you over much.’” Matthew 25:23

Writer’s Conferences

Writer’s Conferences 2022– this blog lists a ton of them.

Try just searching under the text “Writer’s Conference,” for your state or region

My favorites, here in Michigan are The Well Conference, which is for all forms of creatives (next one is April of 2023) and the upcoming Maranatha Christian Writer’s Conference in September.

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