One Year Wisdom Challenge

When Christians Feel that God’s Justice is Slow or Non-existent


One Year Wisdom Challenge #5

Have you ever felt that life is incredibly unfair? Have you ever personally experienced injustice? Maybe you were hauled into court when you were innocent of any crime. Maybe you lost a position or promotion because people connived against you or your boss was corrupt. Has your child been bullied at school and the bully never disciplined? Perhaps you were abused in some manner and your abuser has never been brought to justice for what they did.  What’s your story of injustice?

My husband and I have a few. He was bullied mercilessly in elementary school. No one ever intervened. We were both hauled into court by a dishonest lawyer.  We were in a low financial point and could not afford to get another lawyer to represent us against the other one, so Ken represented us. Glory to God for a righteous judge who saw through the corruption and ruled in our favor. The process of getting to that point though was horrific.

Ken set aside normal life to learn enough law to file documents and properly prepare our case using correct legal language. Over a hundred hours. Plus, all the stress of appearing in court accused of theft (the lawyer tried to bill us for work we didn’t hire him to do). And even though the judge ruled in our favor, all that meant was that we didn’t have to pay a bill that wasn’t ours to pay in the first place. We were never compensated in any way for all the stress and wasted hours of the whole experience. Although grateful for the judge’s decision, it didn’t really feel like justice as the corrupt lawyer simply walked away with no consequences.

Then and now, we take comfort in the knowledge of what scripture teaches about God’s view of injustice.  It’s brought up numerous times in scripture but since our focus is Proverbs this year, here’s a few choice ones that are blunt.

11:1 A false balance is an abomination to the Lord, but a just weight is his delight.

20:10 Unequal weights and unequal measures are both alike an abomination to the Lord.

20:23 Unequal weights are an abomination to the Lord and false scales are not good.

28: 9 If one turns away his ear from hearing the law, even his prayer is an abomination.

29:27 And unjust man is an abomination to the righteous….

Do you see that reoccurring word there? Abomination. We toss it around casually in modern culture. I’ve called the shoes I wore for my wedding day an abomination. Stacked heels on feet that never wore heels was not a wise choice. My feet went numb before the ceremony even started. A lot of 80’s bridesmaids dresses were also abominable. Solomon does not choose this word casually.

Solomon wrote Proverbs based on what he learned from his parents and God and what he observed. That he chose the word abomination to describe God’s feelings about injustice, is powerful. Things that Solomon witnessed testified to the fact that perverted justice, imbalanced scales, are detestable to God. In fact, many other scriptures where the word “abomination,” is used to refer to a rebellion against or twisting of one of God’s laws or kingdom values.  The original Greek word for abomination in the OT means abhorrent. Webster’s dictionary defines abomination as “something that causes disgust or hatred.”

How did Solomon know that God considered injustices an abomination?  I believe by observing God’s actions against those perpetrating them.  As the wisest man of the known world (1 Kings 4:30), Solomon not only acquired knowledge, but he also applied it with godly skill to situations and events.  I believe he saw God dealing with the wicked.

In Proverbs 24:24 Solomon says that those who take the side of the wicked and tell them “You’re in the right,” will be “cursed by peoples, abhorred by nations.”

In 21:7 he says, “the violence of the wicked will sweep them away because they refuse to do what is just.”

In 21:12 he says that God sees the houses of the wicked and he throws them into ruin.

I don’t think Solomon was merely creating poetry, although much of his writing style is poetic.  I think he saw things happen to people who were unjust.

Was God disgusted when Ken was bullied as a child? Yes.

Did God hate the false accusations and attempted misuse of the justice system against Ken and me? Yes.

Then why didn’t we get full justice at those times? I believe it’s because we misinterpret God’s delays as denials. Wise Christians understand that God will have the final word on situations of injustice and imbalances.

God allowed the Egyptians to treat Israel with horrible injustice for centuries yet spoke the final word on justice when he drowned the military strength of that empire in the Red Sea.

Joseph’s brothers treated Joseph with unimaginable injustice and cruelty, yet God had the final word when they were forced to bow before their exalted brother who held their lives in his hand by that point.

Wicked Queen Jezebel murdered hundreds of God’s prophets and terrorized Elijah yet God had the last word on that matter when Jehu tossed her off a balcony to her death.

Jesus endured a kangaroo court and trial and unjustly died a criminal’s death, yet God spoke the last word about that, in the empty tomb.

An immature God-follower will lose heart and lose faith in God when justice isn’t accomplished on their time frame. Ken and I have no idea what happened to those who bullied and abused us. Doesn’t matter. We know God hates what happened and he WILL deal with it if he hasn’t already.  Wise believers, never forget God’s law of reciprocity; all WILL reap what they sow. God will see to it.

Dear ones, as it seems like our world is beset with wrongs and injustices not made right, trust in God, the origin of truth and justice, to make it right. He will expose and punish evil. He will bring recompense for his beloved children. (Jeremiah 51:56)

Hold fast to what is true, to Who is true. Speak out against injustice and be willing to work for justice for those who cannot speak for themselves, like the unborn and the elderly. Above all, don’t fall into Satan’s lies that God doesn’t care or is powerless to do anything. Not true. Never true.

What situation of injustice or imbalance past or present, do you need to entrust to his care for today?

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One Comment

  • Jayne Rotman

    Well put!!
    I won’t be long in my response because I fall asleep and when I wake up my thoughts are in the wind!!
    As many of us are striving for a deeper walk with the Lord and are pressing in. Other times you are on your knees saturating yourself in the Presence of God and allowing His Spirit to wash over us and in us and through us to refresh us from the inside out.
    While all the hubbub of the recent election it got so dishonest I backed away. Not that I stopped interceding but directed by the Lord to the WORD recalling one example after another “move of God” how the Lord secured Victory for His people. He set ambushments either by sending forth His Angelic Hosts; sending confusion into the enemies camp that they fought each other til they were no more.
    BUT in every conflict God gave divine direction.
    The Lord has been showing me bits and pieces how this darkness will be over taken. As we are seeing the unfolding and dismantling of the enemies camp they are turning on each other and as we “Stand in Christ together and reflect The Light of His Glory will cast out All the darkness!!!
    Love and blessings!!!
    Enjoyed your in-depth Word study Sharon!!!

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